A Few Days Left

Being in around boxing for the past few years has made me who I am today…

I have not written anything. So, I am now forced to share personal thoughts … This another excerpt from my Boxing Chronicles. It was written on March 24, 2019, a few days before my first boxing match which was a White-Collar fight. Looking and reading back, I was really excited! Also reading back… I didn’t follow much of what I said I wanted to do in the fight. I got too excited when I stepped through the ropes.

I will attach a link to the fight at the end of the write-up.

That is the focus anyway towards the end now. That is the focus for this week and going forward. Work on the jab. Only a few things I need to do and remember:

1. Shoot the jab relentlessly like Errol Spence Jr. did against Mikey Garcia.

2. Don’t head hunt, work the body. Aim for the neck and chest. Beat up the sides and stomach.

3. Chin down, bend knees.

Just those three things I have to remember and work on for the fight and basically going forward after the fight.

I am doing well. I am getting good reviews from coaches and sparring partners. I am very confident. The guy I’m facing on Thursday pretty much has to be Floyd Mayweather to outclass me. I have no doubts about my standing against whoever I am fighting on Thursday. I am going to dominate him. Just have to stick the game-plan.

Whichever way the fight goes I will be better. But it is important I don’t get involved in too many reckless exchanges. I want to control distance and keep him guessing. I will work off the jab. Double jabs, even three in a row. Jab to the stomach. Like Lennox Lewis said, get him focused and occupied with the jab/left hand. From there start bringing in right hands. Hooks: looping and around the side, and straight right hands down the pipe. Now you can start bringing in uppercuts because you have him confused. I am beating the body and the head. I can get inside and go to work with hard shots to the kidneys and uppercuts, etc.

However, as much as possible, I want to show off my skills. Movement. Slip punches. Side to side. In and out. Jab upstairs, jab downstairs.

If I have a reach advantage, I will definitely look to use it. Don’t allow him to get inside. Respect whatever power he may have and you negate that, especially early, by controlling distance with the jab.

Don’t let him get inside and get confident. Discourage him as much as possible. And get him tired. For sure I will be the fitter guy. So first and second round, box him. By the third he will be there for the taking.

Not much else to say. If I don’t write again before the fight, thank you Father for all your blessings. Thank you for being with me.

Getting home now from a sparring session with Coach Riyaz. That in itself is a blessing. A huge one. I am living a dream. I am living my dream life.

In boxing we continue with humility and one step at a time. I know what this sport is. The danger and the punishment. The demand and strain of training. It is a business of hurt. Just proceed with caution, humility, confidence and fortitude.

I know I am strong. Keep that confidence but don’t throw yourself to the wolves foolishly. Go slowly and build. Let’s see this first fight. Then we go from there.

Faith. Love. God.

The fight: Boxfit WC | Teboho Molapo v Faizaan Dockrat




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Teboho Molapo

Teboho Molapo


Part-time athlete, part-time coach, part-time writer; fulltime believer in life. | #MolapoKTM