There is a heavy word in the dictionary and it is called forever.

I have been thinking about this word for the past couple of months as I have contemplated what it means as a word and in the context of my life, career and character.

I feel we don’t look deeply and seriously enough at this word and don’t adequately dive into its meaning.

A lot of the time forever is used in the context of love and relationships — I will love you forever, I will be yours forever, and so on — or, at least, that is what I am seeing when I search Google.

Committing to love someone forever is whole other can of worms, but we say such things all the time because I believe we say forever without considering its true meaning and heaviness.

Of course, it is possible to love forever. There are couples that have been together for 70, 80 years. Those examples are becoming rarer and, in most likelihood, their success is because they have lived the meaning of forever.

Forever | Definition:


- Without ever ending; eternally: to last forever.

- Continually; incessantly; always: He’s forever complaining.

- Lasting for an endless period of time: the process of finding a forever home for the dog.


- An endless or seemingly endless period of time: It took them forever to make up their minds.

“Forever is composed of nows.” — Emily Dickinson

Forever | Origin:

Late 14th century from for + ever. Often written as one word from late 17th century. As a noun by 1858. Emphatic forevermore is from 1819.

Forever is difficult.

It means every day, for the rest of time. There are no breaks in forever.

“I want to compete forever” — as Pete Carroll kind of says — means that every single day you must do what it takes to compete, even if you don’t quite feel like it.

It means having the determination to keep improving, growing, and learning every, single, day.

It also means accepting responsibility and resolving each morning and during the day’s down moments that you will make today better than yesterday was. You are committed to doing whatever it takes all the time — today, tomorrow and the day after — and not just when the weather is good.

That is what we miss in those relationships stated up there.

Forever is not some far away, fanciful term. It is every day of that relationship or endeavour, be it a career or particular commitment to a way of being.

It includes the ugly days, the times when the other person is their ugliest and when the ice cream on the couch is more appetizing than the gym.

It is in those moments when we are perhaps tired and frustrated that we need to resolve to show up well in our words, actions and reactions.

Like Emily Dickinson says, forever is a never-ending string of days which sounds a bit daunting and mentally overwhelming. But, it is also mentally freeing.

If you aware of the challenge and accept and embrace it, then you will push yourself to put in the hard yards.

You will feel proud and fulfilled for having done that.

And, Every so often, you will see tangible results, be it your thriving business or promotion at work. And then, off we go, we have started a habit, a new personal system and a different way of being.

Some of my forever challenges…

Forever is what I am trying to do with my Medium posts every Monday. It is the hardest thing in life right now.

I have to be consistent, and I also mustn’t leave the writing for Monday. I decided to post on Mondays because it is the start of the week and to do it forever would be the one of craziest things in the history of mankind. But everything is possible.

If I just understand that forever is doing something every day, then it will be fine. I must write a little bit each day.

Like a commitment to a forever life, my forever posts will come down to the small bits I put in every day until it is crunch time on Monday.




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