Four Thoughts

This week I went into the well to try dig up some knowledge or thoughts that could be of value. It’s not a long one this week. Just four thoughts I found in my old scraps.

“Don’t be afraid to start again. That may be a sign that what you will do in future is better and at a higher level than you ever did. So, trust the process of where you are going, where you planned to go and where you need to go. Starting again suck and it can break you soul. But always be prepared to start all over again. The thoughts. The processes. The plans.”

This thought is pretty self-explanatory — don’t be afraid to start again; you never know, you may find a better way. Starting again doesn’t necessarily mean giving up, it can mean rebuilding.

Sometimes we hit a wall. Instead of knocking our heads against the wall we can regroup and figure a way to go around the wall.

“The universe is amazing. Everything that you ask for, you get.”

This quote is from 2016 but obviously it remains true: the universe is amazing and we do get what we ask for. Sometimes we never see this because we are so busy looking beyond what we have achieved. Sometimes we are busy trying to look over the hill when the small gift or progress that could drive us even further is right in front of us.

I once read that no man (or woman) who worked and committed themselves to their goal ever failed to attain. The universe will eventually relent and even help you reach your goals.

“As a parent do things that you child can never repay you for in money like supporting their dreams, being there for their school plays, events and sports meets. Such things can never be repaid in a monetary way. They are extra, lasting and go above and beyond. School fees and food, in theory, can be repaid. At the end of the day, the things that can’t be repaid are the most valuable.”

This one is heavy but I feel it is true. I feel we make the mistake as parents to think all we have to do for our kids is put them through school and provide them food. Yes, these are wonderful gifts and they are appreciated — not everyone has the fortune of a good education and food on the table every night.

All praises and thanks go to the parents who bust their behinds each day to provide for their children.

That being said, there is more our children need.

The blunt person would say: ‘well, yes, proving an education is your job as a parent. Your child never asked to be born. You brought them into this world and it is your duty to provide for them; if you don’t, then who will?’

Our job as parents, wherever possible, goes beyond providing basic needs. We must inspire and be present in our children’s lives. The fulfilment of a child’s lifelong dream or vision can never be repaid, it has no monetary value, but the value it has for the child cannot be measured.

Not every dream will be reached. But with guidance the chances of achievement are much higher and, in any outcome, the residual growth in confidence is immeasurable.

A child knowing their parents have their back in the uncertain journey of their dreams has a confidence that will drive them far in life, even if they never reach their goals of being an artist, athlete or business mogul.

Our world is what it is today because of our greatest dreamers — from Martin Luther King to Bill Gates to Nelson Mandela.

Why then as parent don’t we nurture and fertilise those big dreams in our children? They are our future and we can help them create the beautiful future of their wildest dreams.

“I went to the well that makes me great — reflection, solitude and contemplation.”

I think this thought is relevant and applicable now with the world in lockdown and quarantine because of the coronavirus.

We are home with a lot of time on our hands. It is an opportunity for solitude and a time when we can think, reflect and refocus.

Obviously it is difficult. There is a lot of uncertainty in our world right now. The moment we face is real and its prospects can be frightening. However, that shouldn’t stop us from staying positive, from aiming to improve and hoping for our best selves when life does return to normal.

And, that all starts now, actually. We need to be the best we can be now, and if we are able, help those who are less fortunate than us in this time, such as the ill or elderly.

Such realisations come when we go to our well — to our calm and to thought. Solitude, reflection and contemplation are just more of the untapped superpowers that we all have.

We just don’t use them enough.



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Teboho Molapo

Teboho Molapo


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