Keep Progressing

This week… just some random thoughts from my scraps…

Progress is a way of life. This is a quote that is in my head. Fitness is your lifestyle, what you do on an everyday basis. It is your discipline, your continual sticking to the principles. It doesn’t end. It is an everyday thing. It doesn’t end when you leave the gym or when the game is finished.

Everything is a slow process. Accept that. That is the way of the journey, the journey to one day meet the greats.

The mind is everything. It controls everything. Where the mind goes, the body will go along as well.

Our health is our greatest wealth, and that is our mental and physical health. Our bodies are what will take us to our goals, and yet we take our health and bodies for granted. Our bodies and our health are the last things we want to spend on or think about spending on, yet nothing is possible without them.



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Teboho Molapo

Teboho Molapo


Part-time athlete, part-time coach, part-time writer; fulltime believer in life. | #MolapoKTM