Keep Moving, Stay Intentional

The year is flying by, it is July already. It has been an eventful and difficult year. We are still going through the most with Covid-19.

Some places appear harder hit than others. When I watch TV, for example, life looks back to normal in the United States, stadiums are full and people are having fun.

That is because vaccines have been rolled out heavily by the American government.

It is totally different in South Africa. We are still living under restrictions and are now in a third wave that is claiming lives every day.

It is heavy because people close to us are being touched. A lot of times, even when something is as grave as Covid, we take things almost for granted because we are OK. But right now it feels as though Covid is engulfing the place, especially here in Gauteng.

That is my viewpoint, though. Many people still don’t seem to care as much. Perhaps it’s mental fatigue, maybe it is ignorance, perhaps it’s even arrogance; whatever it is, you still see people walking around freely with no masks on. People still gather, hold parties and still have celebrations even though gatherings have been banned by government.

It’s a heavy story.

Many things begin at the head, leaders lead by example, for instance. However, South Africans have become generally apathetic towards their leaders and don’t trust that same government which is asking us to follow health regulations because every second week we seem hear new allegations of corruption or maladministration.

We know something petty will usually come from our leaders, that’s for sure.

So, it makes it a vicious cycle in situations like now where adherence to law would help matters. In South Africa, it is every man and woman for themselves.

Keep moving

To keep going, however, is something we must do and continue to fight for. I spoke a heavy line in a conversation the other day: “our ancestors and forefathers fought and sacrificed to give us a better life than they had”, especially us as blacks.

I don’t want to go too heavy into race, many are struggling, but I am black, and it’s no secret that people of our colour went through tough times in the past.

We are fortunate now that, to a very large extent, we can control our paths and futures.

It is a privilege we must cherish. That is why it is disheartening to see people play dice game with their lives and futures which, in turn, affects everyone else. More than ever we have a responsibility to keep moving forward and to keep trying. Things are difficult around us but we have a responsibility to leave something, a world, which is at least OK for our kids and generations to come after.

Stay intentional

It helps to be intentional and aware of your moves.

I heard this over and over in the past and it is starting to click. You will not get anywhere if you are not paying attention to where you are, where you want to get to and how you will get there. That is a conversation I am having with myself more and more these days and it is a good conversation to have.

I try to remind myself that indeed every moment counts and that every action will bring a reaction down the line, whether positive or negative. I want those reactions to be positive so I must be aware of the present moment and intentional with how I proceed, whether it is what I say, how I react or how I act.

It probably even extends to whether I eat right, or if I wake up on time or go back to sleep. I am trying to move forward, for myself, for those who came before me that gave me the platform today and, perhaps most importantly, those who will come after me who will reap what I sow.

So, I guess, I personally have no choice. I must keep moving and stay intentional.

I must keep fighting.



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Teboho Molapo

Teboho Molapo


Part-time athlete, part-time coach, part-time writer; fulltime believer in life. | #MolapoKTM